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It seems that a year does not go by without some sort of major natural disaster happening somewhere in the world. There might be an earthquake that rocks an island nation or a monsoon somewhere on the other side of the planet. It is true that there are some places in the world where you need to worry more about the threats of the environment than others. If you're living in Kansas, for example, you might be more prepared for a tornado than someone who is living in California. But one event that could happen in a lot of places across the world is a flash flood.

A flash flood is the rapid taking over of a section of land by water. It is different from a regular flood because it happens in less than six hours. You could get one as result of a huge rainstorm that overflows a section of the lake or it could be part of the aftermath of a hurricane. This is something that can happen to places that are right beside a large body of water or water could collect in a dry lake or basin. There are several things that you can do to stay safe if you're experiencing a flash flood in your neighborhood.

More than half of the people who have died during a flash flood were driving when disaster struck. Less than five percent of the people were inside of their home. So, if it is at all possible for you to get to higher ground or stay at home when this is happening than this is definitely the preferred option. You should obviously try to get to high ground and might want to have a friend or family member who you go to if your home is right along the water or the flood's source.

If you are driving home and you encounter a large collection of water do not attempt to drive through it. While you might be trying to get back to your neighborhood as soon as possible, you don't know how deep the water is and whether or not it is moving in a way where you could lose control of the car. This is also true if you're walking and come across a section of the flood. About fifteen percent of the people who suffered fatalities during a flash flood lost their life by falling into the water. Be extra cautious during this time and stay far away from the moving water.

When you're signing up for homeowner's insurance for your property you should check what their policy is on damage from flooding. This is something that might be covered in some areas of the country and not others.

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