It is not just those who have small children in their home that should be aware of the different hazardous substances they might possess. A accident can happen to anyone and you should always make sure that you know the risks and what to do if something should go wrong. There are several different products that people have around their home or workplace that might end up being a hazard. Here are some of the most common.

Cleaning products that people use to wash their clothes, clean out the oven, or give the bathroom a makeover should be the first products that you're looking at. Most of those that you're using around the house will only be hazardous if they are swallowed but there are some that you might want to wear gloves while using. If you're working in the cleaning department in an office building or at a school, for example, you might encounter stronger products that need to be used with a bit more care.

Polishes, paints and stains are also products that you will want to learn a little about before bringing into your home and using. If you're redesigning a room and want to paint the walls than you should know how much ventilation might be needed to make that product safe and what to do if you need to clean it off of your hands at the end of the job. There are a variety of different paints now being offered and they are varying degrees of hazardous. You can speak with house painters for example, about what paints are low VOCs and considered safer to use.

Garden care and plants. While you might think that adding a few plants to your home or office will brighten things up, you should know that there can be many health concerns when it comes to plants and the products you use to grow them. This is especially true if you have pets living in your home. Make sure pesticides, plant food, and fertilizers are out of reach and that you're not purchasing any plants that could be poisonous to your pets.

If you're concerned about introducing hazardous materials into your home than you should check out some of the all-natural products that are now available on the market. They might not be as strong as those used in industrial sites or warehouses but they could be safer. Just remember that not all of these products are created equal either.

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